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tv   Fareed Zakaria GPS  CNN  December 16, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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coming up, you're going to hear from a sunday schoolteacher here in newtown, who's trying to help her young students deal with this tragedy. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] this is steve. he loves risk. but whether he's climbing everest, scuba diving the great barrier reef with sharks, or jumping into the market, he goes with people he trusts, which is why he trades with a company that doesn't nickel and dime him with hidden fees. so he can worry about other things, like what the market is doing and being ready, no matter what happens, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense, from td ameritrade.
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she is an incredible person. and i'm so blessed to be her dad. >> that was robbie parker talking about his daughter emilie who was 6 years old, she died on saturday. the family meeting tonight with president obama at the school. from the president of the united states, friends or houses of worship here, members of this community are seeking solace all weekend. this morning, some of the children survived the shooting, went to sunday school just like they did every week, it sounds like a simple thing, wasn't simple or easy for anyone. not for the children or their teacher. >> reporter:his is where some of the children who were killed at sandy hook elementary prayed and went to sunday school. she was back on this sunday for all her students, including those who survived. >> you had a lot of children
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here in this room, what was that like for you. >> it was a little bit -- it was very scary, because i spent yesterday trying to prepare for today. but you don't know what's going to happen. and right in the middle a child raised their hand. i said yes, and they said, my friends died. later on when we got to the point where we prayed, pretty much every child in here had a prayer, and many of them were my friend jack died, my friend ben died, my friend charlotte died. we prayed, we probably prayed more than we've ever prayed before. >> she knew there would be anxiety among the children and their parents. she saw both. >> we were a little worried. we had kids whose parents said they didn't want to come to class. it's like a school and they were worried. one girl didn't want to come because ben wouldn't be there. there was a lot of anxiety.
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ben would have been sitting right here on this carpet with me. so when the kids bring it up that my friend ben died, i had to do the attendance, we have attendance sign in pages for the parents. they have to sign them in and out. as i was putting them in the box last night, the first grade page had ben's name on it. i thought, this is going to be hanging on the hall wall with his name on it, and he wouldn't be signed in. so i printed it with his name off. and when i talked to the pastor about it, it really hit me, i erased his name. >> this one says charlotte is safe. >> yes. that was for charlotte who went here. >> charlotte was 6 years old. another card reads in part
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you're not alone. vogelman says she felt pride, a strength she saw in her sunday school children. >> i've been working with kids my whole adult life. they're my kids, they're my kids. people on facebook are like, i'm so glad your kids are okay. i'm offyously very kids that my kids are not okay, but my kids are not okay, my kids died, that's how everyone feels in newtown. sorry. they're babies. >> i mean, faced with that horrible dilemma whether to take the child's name off the board, how is she doing through all this. >> taking that name down, that's been the moment for her. everyone's had a moment. the way she's getting through it is strangely enough the children
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themselves, their honesty, they know they have to be strong for these children. receiving all these kind words from people all over the world, that's been a source of encouragement. she was wondering what she was going to do for the lesson today, what she was going to say to these children. she got a kind letter from someone from littleton colorado, from the clergy there, they obviously have been through a lot. only when you have been through it, can you offer the advice to get through it this time. >> hopefully her faith is getting her through as well. remarkable. we'll be right back. to the best vacation spot on earth. (all) the gulf! it doesn't matter which of our great states folks visit. mississippi, alabama, louisiana or florida, they're gonna love it. shaul, your alabama hospitality is incredible.
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that does it here for us tonight in newtown connecticut. we now want to bring you the vigil in its entirety. [ applause ] >> on behalf of the newtown interfaith clergy association i
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welcome all of you. we needed this. we needed to be together here in this room in the gymnasium, outside the doors of this school in living rooms around the world. we needed to be together. to show that we are together and united. we gather in such a moment of heartbreak for all of us here in new town. we gather especially mindful of family and friends. and neighbors among us who have lost loved ones by an act of unfathomable violence and destruction we gather to grieve together, care for one another,
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pray and embrace, to weep and to remember and to declare in our many voices that these darkest days of our community shall not be the final word heard from us. we will sigh in our sorrows, but we will also care for one another with our love and our compassion. in those early hours of this crisis, it became clear to us clergy and faith leaders here in newtown that an initial community response would be needed, that we would need to come together and so we asked our first select woman and our superintendent if it might be possible for us to invite the community to gather here at new town high school to continue and to begin and continue what will
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be for many a long journey of grief and loss. we are not here to ignore our differences or diminish the core beliefs which define our many different faith traditions, but to offer our love, care and prayers for our families and other community. we wanted to offer our voices in the form of words from our sacred texts and prayers from the depths of our being. but also to have time for us to be together in silence. and that is what we will do. we will have a time for sharing and prayer, and also a time for silence in between. so in a all of us can pray if we wish and think about what it is that is most important to us. now, there is a reason why all
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the clergy are sitting down there instead of up here. we wanted to be -- to have a symbolic gesture that we ourselves are with you and among you in these coming days. that we are all in this together. we want you to know that our care for this community extends beyond the walls of our various houses of worship and the people within them. we are here for all of newtown. that means that you, who are of st. rose catholic church, in the midst of your tremendous grief, there is a jewish rabbi with a torah in hand ready to speak words of comfort and do whatever he can to uphold you in the
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coming days. and temple israel, you have the service of a japanese american united methodist minister ready to pray with you and share songs from john wesley. we ucc-ers know with have muslims ready to pray with us. and lutherans offering ministry of grace in jesus christ and to christians and others. all of us willing to receive comfort and support from those of no faith, you see, now more than ever we need each other for we are all in this together. that's why we even have our politicians sit down there as well. a sign and symbol to all of us that we are in this together.
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now, let's come together, let us pray, let us listen and let us seek the comfort of our various faiths, drawing from words and from prayers. fear not for i am with you. be not dismayed, for i am your god. i will strengthen you, i will uphold you with my victorious hand. god is with us. god's love unites us, god's purpose steadies us. god's spirit comforts us. bless be our god forever and ever. amen.
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>> i offer you this prayer from my heart to your hearts.
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on behalf of all of your children, all of your loved ones. the hebrew memorial prayer. please rise. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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>> oh, god exalted in full of compassion, grant perfect peace in your sheltering presence among the holy and the pure to the souls of all of our loved ones that perished in that horrible day. they have gone to their eternal home, master of mercy, we beseech you. remember all of their worthy and righteous deeds that they performed in the land of the living. may their souls be bound up in the bond of life eternal. there is no death, just transformation. may they rest in peace. and let us say amen. >> amen. >> please, be seated.
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and let us unite our hearts in prayer. oh, god of love and mercy. we come before you this night with broken hearts. we offer you our tears and our pain, our anger and our sorrow. oh, lord, there was a hole so large we wonder if even you and your greatness can fill it as we grieve and mourn for those who are lost. each light that sits before us is a light that's been lost to our world. so many innocents, so many brave.
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lord, all we can do is throw ourselves upon your tender mercies, trusting that you hear our prayers. we know those who are lost, because they are ours, lord. not names on some list, but our mothers or sisters, our brothers or friends, kindred all, because if we did not know them ourselves, we know someone who did. and so we pray, lord, for all the souls lost and all the families and friends who are so torn by grief. for in this moment, we are all your children, a family related by your love.
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so help us to care for these families in their sorrow and for each other in ours. may they feel the healing embrace of a neighborhood, a town, a state, a nation, a world. help us to forever remember that we embrace the grieving as our own and bring us together as one family to live together in peace and amity. help us to share the lights that stand before us. help us to carry them out into this world and share it with a world so in sorrow and so in need. for we pray all of this in the name of your love as we all say amen.
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>> we invite you to join with us in psalm 23 in whatever way you
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know it in your heart. doesn't have to be the words we're offering here. the lord is my shepherd, i shall not want. he maketh me to lie down in green pastures. he leadeth me beside the still waters. he restoreth my south. he leadeth me in the path of righteousness for his namesake. ye though i walk-through the valley of the shadow of death, i will fear no evil, for though art with me by rod and by staff they comfort me. thou prepare us the table before me in the presence of my enemies, thou anoint my head with oil, my cup runneth over. surely, goodness and mercy that follow me all the days of my life, and i will dwell in the house of the lord forever.
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>> let us pray. god in heaven, we thank you for your presence with us here on earth. we know that the children who were lost in this tragedy first belonged to you before they belonged to us. and we commit their souls to you, to your loving, eternal care. we thank you, lord, that they are now in a place of no more sickness, no more sadness, no more suffering, and no more sorrow, as there is finally no more sin in the presence of you, their savior and ours.
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dear lord, as we leave the children that we have lost in your hands, we ask that by your grace, you would empower us to bless and comfort the children who are still here in our hands. please be with them in a special way as they grieve the loss of siblings and friends. life will never be the same for them. we ask that you would help these precious little ones to carry the spirits of their lost loved ones in their hearts as they go along living their lives to its fullest, according to your will for each of these girls and boys. and lord, we ask most of all
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that you would use us to be a source of your healing in the midst of their wounds. that you would use those of us whose children are crying for hope as a source of your hope in the midst of any hopelessness, as you are the god of hope. use us to replace their anxiety with your peace, as you are the god of peace. and please, fill their hearts with the sense of your love, your presence, your power, and most of all, a sense of your care. not knowing what the future holds, but knowing that you hold it, as you hold these precious little ones who are still with
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us today in your hands through our hands. and lord, we ask this all in the name of the one who said, unless we become like little children, we cannot enter the kingdom of god. make us all childlike and not childish. in our thoughts, in our words, in our attitudes, actions and behaviors, not only before others, but before you, that we may look to you for better days ahead. and that we may fulfill your purpose for us on this earth. for we pray all of this in the name of our precious lord and savior, jesus. amen.
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>> in the name of god, the compassionate and the merciful, the muslim community at the al hedaya muslim center in newtown, connecticut, and throughout the nation, joins with our fellow americans grieving for those who died in this senseless tragedy. and praying for them and their families. we ask god to ask those lost a
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special place in paradise, and we ask their families to be granted the strength to endure the unendurable. it is in such times of almost unbearable loss that we seek the comfort with our creator and that artificial divisions of faith fall away to reveal a nation of mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters all united in a desire to bring healing and renewed hope. the koran, islam's revealed text, tells us that god's mercy and compassion are without limit and always available for those who ask. god says, when my servants question you about me, tell them that i am near. i answer the prayer of every person who calls on me. chapter 2 verse 186, the
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koran -- in the koran, god also says, give glad tidings to those who endure with patience, who when afflicted with calamity say, we belong to god and to him we shall return. such are the people on whom there are blessings and mercy from god. chapter 2, verse 155 to 157. so let us all, of every faith, of every background, pray for god's comfort at this time of heartbreaking tragedy. barely, with every difficult, there is ease. barely, with every difficulty, there is ease, chapter 94, verse 5 through 6. amen. >> a prayer for the first responders. let us pray.
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holy god, many of these men and women you called into service when they were just children. they wanted to be police officers and firefighters and care for those that were in need, lord. you gave them gifts for their life to serve. you asked them to pay a high price for all the skills that they have been given, for the strength that they have. you equipped them. you gave them a willingness to learn, to train, to study. you gave them a willingness to serve in the middle of the night when a call would come in.
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and you gave them the willingness to respond when this town needed them the most. lord, we thank you for those in this town that responded, but we thank you also for those throughout the state that came when the need was given. we thank you, lord, for their gifts and their strength and their courage. so we ask you, lord, to walk with them in the days ahead, to surround them with your angels, to give them people who will listen to their story, to listen to what they saw that was not for anyone to ever see. lord, we place each and every
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one of these men and women in your care, but we will be faithful to them. we will care for them. we will continue to equip them, and we will keep them ever in our prayers. amen.
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>> for the mothers and the fathers and the brothers and sisters, the grandparents.
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for all of you today. this is a sacred text from the baha'i faith. it was written as a letter to a mother who was mourning the loss of her child. i've adapted it for this evening. although the loss of a child is indeed heartbreaking and beyond the limits of human endurance, yet one who knoweth and understandeth is assured that the child had not been lost, but rather have stepped from this world into another, and you will find them in the devine realm. that reunion shall be for eternity, while in this world, separation is inevitable and bringeth with it a burning grief.
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praise be unto god that thou has faith. turning thy faith to the everlasting kingdom and believe in the existence of a heavenly world. therefore, be though not disconsulate. do not languish. do not sigh. neither wail, nor weep, for agitation and mourning deeply effect the soul, their soul, in the devine realm. >> that beloved child address from the hidden world. oh, thou kind mother and father, thank devine providence that i have been freed from a small and gloomy cage, and like the birds of the meadows, have soared to
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the devine world, a world which is spacious, illumined and ever joyous and jubilant. therefore, lament not, oh, mother and father, and be not grieved. i am not of the lost, nor have i been obliterated and destroyed. i have shaken off the mortal form and have raised my banner in this spiritual world. following this separation is everlasting companionship. thou shalt find me in the heaven of the lord, immersed in an ocean of light. >> god, we call you by many names.
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modern eye, great spirit, higher power, devine one, but however we address you, you are always father and mother to us all, and we are your children. we are your family. we ask your blessing, lord, upon the counselors and the clergy and all the caregivers among us. they have great passion for what they do and when everyone does their passion, we arrive at compassion, and we thank you. we know that you're most aware of their needs. they, too, become tired and sometimes close to burning out. how much we need one another.
11:47 pm
when you call jeremiah or amos or baruk and all your precious apostles and prophets, they hedged at first. but each time, in turn, they gave their yes and they followed you. knowing that you were always among them, always supporting them. they were conduits for your eyes and your ears and your voice and your hands. they were the clay knowing that you always were the potter, and they were resilient in your hands. when jesus felt the need to get away for some respite himself, he went to the mountains or into the wilderness or out to the
11:48 pm
seashore, and the great numbers of people in need always followed. tired and drained as he was, he looked on them with compassion. anoint all your people, lord, all those who minister to you as they minister to one another and especially this week as they minister to the body, mind, and spirit, to the whole community of sandy hook and newtown. a model for the nation, a model for the world, and we thank you for the world's support, calling, e-mailing, texting their love and their commitment to be one with us.
11:49 pm
use them, lord. take the passion that each one has and transform it totally, completely into your spirit of compassion. and we ask this all, amen. amen.
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>> newtown is a place that loves children above all. families move to newtown because we are a caring and loving community. we are also a place that has great pride in our schools, pride that propels the students in those schools with their
11:51 pm
outstanding teachers and administrators to high achievement and great personal worth. the horror that was visited upon our sandy hook school was not deserved. it is the angry and desperate act of a confused young man. there is no blame to be laid on us, but there is a great burden and a great challenge that we emerge whole, that these families devastated by unspeakable harm know and trust that we love them and will do everything we can to help them heal. i know that newtown will prevail, that we will not fall to acts of violence. it is a defining moment for our town, but it does not define us. we are newtown, a special and caring place. we are defined by acts of
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courage, by acts of love, and by our continuing commitment and love for our children and families. it is my pleasure, ladies and gentlemen, to present to you governor dan malloy. [ applause ] >> pat, thank you for all of the great work that you have done for this community in the last three days, to the police chief, and to the superintendent of schools, thank you for your great service, as well as to all of the first responders. thank you. when i came in to the hall, one
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of the first songs to be played on the piano was "amazing grace," which is fitting for any number of reasons. it's become an anthem for first responders, it has great words, it also speaks of the power of faith. "amazing grace" was written by a former sea captain engaged in the slave trade. and those profound words that "i once was lost but now am found" speak to us on a day like today. when we are called upon, dare i say required to be invested in our faith, a faith so evident in this room and in this community at this time.
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a faith that is, after all, at its very core, a gift from god. a faith in which we find comfort and hope and compassion. a faith in which we are given the power to go on. to survive that which has befallen this community, these families, these spouses, that which has happened and is unimaginable and unthinkable and was never, we thought, intended to be visited upon us here in connecticut or in newtown or in sandy hook. i choose to think about the fact that in the coming days we will officially enter winter.
11:55 pm
and that is always to be followed by the spring. let me assure you that in winter, each time i see the beginning of a snowfall, i will be thinking of those 27 souls lost just a few days ago. each time the day gets a little longer, i will think and dream of the lives that might have been and the lives that were so full of grace. and when the flowers start to come out of the ground, and when they rise up, i will know that we are in touch with those that we have lost in the last few days. we will go on. we will find strength.
11:56 pm
faith is a gift, as is our ability to support one another in our greater community. to all of you, i extend my most profound condolences on behalf of all of your fellow citizens for what you have seen, what you have witnessed, and what you have personally experienced. we will move on, we will never forget, we will in many ways be made stronger for what has transpired, and we will get better. we are blessed today to have with us the president of the united states, who upon meeting with pat and i just a little while ago, said that the most difficult day of his presidency was friday when he heard the news of that which had befallen this community.
11:57 pm
i assured him that connecticut, newtown, and sandy hook are strong, and i welcomed him on your behalf to our community. i now introduce the president of the united states. [ applause ] >> thank you. thank you, governor. to all the families, first
11:58 pm
responders, to the community of newtown, clergy, guests, scripture tells us do not lose heart. though outwardly we are wasting away, inwardly, we are being renewed day by day. for light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all, so we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. for we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed, we have a building from god, an
11:59 pm
eternal house in heaven not built by human hands. we gather here in memory of 20 beautiful children and six remarkable adults. they lost their lives in a school that could have been any school in a quiet town full of good and decent people that could be any town in america. here in newtown, i come to offer the love and prayers of a nation. i am very mindful that mere words cannot match the depths of your sorrow, nor can they heal your wounded hearts. i can only hope it helps for you